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We believe in the value
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Who we are

Jacob&Stuart Partners is the professional union of a team of experts in Management Control and Corporate Finance with consolidated skills and practical experience. We provide consultancy and support to improve company performance through analysis, strategic planning and control tools. In the new era of smartworking and digital work, companies can rely on us in an ongoing relationship without the constraint of hiring internal resources, ensuring correct management control.

We believe in the value of companies and we create value.

What we do

Working Mode

Our modus operandi primarily involves a remote cognitive interview: overview of the company, ideas, objectives, projects, possible investments.

Once the knowledge has been overcome, we move on to the analysis of the company and the teamwork of our team: focus on the management/administrative software used (fundamental for setting up strategic planning), procedures for entering accounting data, drafting and creation of a cost structure, reporting and KPI analysis, strategy planning and finally presentation of the project.


Management Control Implementation

Business planning and periodic reporting

Budget, Forecast and Business Plan

Documentation for Bank Financing/Mortgages

Temporary CFO and/or Temporary Controller

Administrative and accounting outsourcing

IT Management and Software Selection

Facilitated finance

Management training and coaching, Training 4.

Corporate internationalization

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