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Discover below all the services offered by
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Management Control Implementation

Management control (or directional control) is an indispensable operating system for any company. It allows the company to obtain detailed feedback regarding its operations, prospects and market objectives. The implementation of management software is an essential activity to identify the most profitable sectors of the company and to intercept and improve the less performing ones.

Business planning and periodic reporting

Business planning (or strategic planning) is the first step to carry out correct management control. In this phase, company strategies are defined and developed in the short, medium and long term. Together with the strategic planning service, periodic reporting is combined which allows the verification of business plans and the analysis of the achievement of operational objectives.

Budget, Forecast and Business Plan

The Business Plan describes the entrepreneurial project with objectives, strategies, marketing, budget and financial forecasts that serve to guide the entrepreneur in running his company. The Budget and Forecast (or Budgeting and Forecasting) processes allow the company to define the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the expenses that it will incur and the revenues that the company will record and to draw up a budget forecast (or preliminary budget) of the economic, equity and financial situation at the end of the period.

Preparation of documentation for requesting Bank Financing/Mortgages with Company Presentation

Complete assistance and consultancy in best presenting loan applications and satisfying the bank's information needs, maximizing the possibility of obtaining a positive response to your needs through a detailed company presentation.

Temporary CFO and/or Temporary Controller

Possibility of having a temporary CFO and/or Controller for some days/hours of the week, without incurring fixed costs to hire the resource in the company on a permanent basis.

Administrative and accounting outsourcing

The outsourcing service allows the company to reduce the workload and costs for specialized personnel, entrusting J&S with the complete administrative management of all accounting, civil and fiscal aspects such as financial statements and annual obligations, tax domiciliation and electronics, management of expense reports and employee time sheets, etc.

IT Management and Software Selection

IT Service Management refers to the outsourcing service of IT systems. Support for customers in defining processes, adapting them and implementing the application architecture. In the era of digitalisation, it is essential to have a qualified service in the assessment of the company information system and management of software selection.

Facilitated finance

Assistance and support for the fulfillment of all the bureaucratic procedures required for the presentation and access to public tenders (through provincial, regional, national or community legislation) which allow financial, economic and fiscal benefits through subsidized or low-rate financing non-repayable fund. Management and reporting of investment projects. Drafting of project financing proposals and projects.

Management training and coaching, Training 4.0

Managerial Coaching (or Business Coaching) and Managerial Training (or Management Education) allow management to better support the company's growth process. Corporate training allows you to increase team performance, improve internal communication, and develop the ideal attitude for the organization. Among our services there is also the Tax Credit for Training 4.0, introduced in the 2018 Budget Law, which facilitates companies in investing in training for employees, allowing them to acquire new skills.

Corporate internationalization

Expand the company's scope of action through corporate internationalization (or International Business), the key to greater competitiveness at a global level. Risk analysis, drafting of the Business Plan, study of the countries, reference markets, geographical, demographic, economic, cultural factors, attractiveness and accessibility of the market. The support of expert professionals and consultants facilitates planning and strategic planning for business internationalization.

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